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We rescued these two cuties from Animal Control on Friday and sadly one of them tested positive for parvo yesterday! πŸ˜”
Winnie (the little tan girl) and Honey (the white and red cutie) were kenneled together at Animal Control. so we kept them together when they came to us at NOKHS.

When we started seeing symptoms of one or both of them being sick we rushed them to the vet to get checked out. When we called to check on them we were very sad to find out that Winnie had tested positive for parvo. Honey was negative but since they have been together we would rather be safe than sorry. We hope that Honey does not get sick and that Winnie makes a quick recovery. 🐢❀️🐢❀️

Parvo is always an expensive illness to fight and treat, so we ask you to please help us cover the cost! We can not do this without you! Anything will help, and your generosity is deeply appreciated! You can donate by using the button below, using paypal or the donate button on our website.

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Harley finally got the forever home she so very much deserves!

Harley came to us by being dropped off in our lobby after being found in the parking lot of an apartment complex. We waited to see if maybe someone would come looking for, but sadly no one came.

Harley has waited patiently for her adopters to come and we knew they would eventually because she is the sweetest girl! Our wishes came true and Harley went home over the weekend!

Thank you LaDonna and family for giving this amazing girl a forever home!

#harleygetsahome #savinglives #nokhs
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Squeakers left to his forever home!!! Squeakers, his sister Daisy and his mother Cherry were all rescued from Animal Control. Well, before he came to us the Sindelar family fell in love with Squeakers. They were heartbroken when they went to Animal Control to adopt him and sadly he was gone! But wait! They found out that Squeakers had been rescued by us and they quickly came to NOKHS to inquire about adopting him. We were so happy that this cutie was going to get a forever right away.

Off to the vet he went to get squared away and ready for his adoption day. I'm sure you can figure out what happened next... just look at this adorable adoption picture!

Thank you Jamie and the rest of the Sindelar family for giving this boy his forever home!

#savinglives #squeakersgoinghome #nokhs
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Do you all remember the sweet girls from Anne Marie’s Boutique?? These amazing girls wanted to help raise money for the furbabies here at NOKHS by selling awesome shirts!

They came by to bring us their donation and to tell us how much they raised... are you ready for it? THEY DONATED $200!!!!!

You girls are amazing and have humongous hearts, thank you so much for helping the dogs and cats!!

#annemariesboutique #savinglives #givingback
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