Ponca City Humane Society


Adoption Information and Fees

Thinking about adding a furry family member into your life?

For more information about Responsible Adoption visit: Are You Ready to Adopt a Pet

To adopt an animal, an adoption application must be completed. The adopter will be given a copy of the application for their records, a copy of the pet’s health records, and rabies tag. All dogs have been heart worm tested, spayed or neutered, rabies shot and given a Distemper/Parvo vaccinations. All cats have been Feline Lukemia tested, spayed or neutered, rabies vaccination and a feline distemper vaccine.

Adoptions Fees

  • Cats: $50
  • Dogs: $120
  • Kittens: $60
  • Puppies: $140

Success Stories


Maya was adopted a year a go after having an extended stay at the shelter. Our volunteers Herb and Margareta Rains drove her to the Oklahoma City Airport to meet her adoptive family. She now resides in Chicago. The following is an update from her new family.

Just checking in to let you know it is Mitten-Maya’s one-year anniversary of leaving OK and coming to Chicago. She is doing really well. She is quite a character and a very happy & loving dog. She has finally gained some weight and has filled out nicely. She loves to run and is as fast as a greyhound. To date, there hasn’t been another dog that has beat her in running. She loves to jump into puddles and get soaking wet. She loves digging holes in the yard. She is all about playing and playing some more. She loves to cuddle and sleeps in the bed with me. She also sits on the top of the loveseat and looks out the window to see what is happening outside. She is getting better with time. Thanks!