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Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love for Old Man! We reached our goal and beyond! This is his first official freedom playtime that happened this morning. 😁

To some it is just a 30 second video of a dog at the dog park but for us this is the start of a beautiful happy ever after. Old Man was seen by our vet and he has some pending bloodwork to make sure we don't have any other issues besides the heartworms but overall he was happy and peppy. :)

Welcome to another chance at an actual life buddy! We all love you! ❤️ #savinglivestogether
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Ponca City Humane Society is asking for donations.
Ponca City Humane Society

Can anyone imagine 8 long years on a chain? Then one day you break free. You discover a whole new world you have never had the opportunity to explore and for those moments life was glorious. ❤️ Then the dream of freedom comes crashing down and your new home for the next 10 days becomes Animal Control. :( The clock starts ticking the moment you walk in and this maybe the last home you will ever know. 😞

With no owner coming forward and preliminary work up for us to network heartworms was discovered, chances of rescue diminished. 😢 Who was willing to rescue an outside senior dog with heartworms now?

Sadly with so many other animals in need we knew our chances are slim but every dog deserves a chance. Can you help us save this senior guy who we have affectionately called Old Man for now?

One of our vets has deeply discounted the heartworm treatment fee to only $300! He knows we survive and can save only through donations so instead of close to $800 to treat, he is doing his part to help us save Old Man. :)

We will be picking up Old Man from Animal Control tomorrow and he goes to the vet right away at 10am to begin treatment. No donation amount is too small.

We can't wait to give this senior man another chance at life! 😁 #savinglives
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Update on our husky/hound mix puppies. ❤️ They are doing extremely well. Taking the bottle like champs and are starting to move around and explore. :) They still sleep a good portion of the time but they began to howl last night which at first was alarming since our foster mom was woken up at 2am thinking someone was injured. 🤣 Typical husky baby personalities!

We will keep everyone posted on how they do. Continue to follow us as we will post them for adoption when they are 8 weeks. :) #bottlebabies
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