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Adoption! :D

Thank you Samantha for adopting our sweet girl Akira! We knew right away this was the perfect match! Have a great life sweetheart! We will miss you sweetheart! <3 #goinghome
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Adoption! :)

Thank you Amy for adopting our sweet man Saint! We know you are already in love! <3 #goinghome
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Update! :D

"I've been seeing updates and felt I needed to give one too! Back in December, I adopted "Nor" and "Jingles". They are now Max and Kevin.

The first week was a little rough, as we all adjusted, but they warmed up quickly as I think they knew they had found their forever home!!

Max (with the collar) is the big brother type, but can be just as mischievous as Kevin! Max is a total mama's boy and loves to lay next to me.

Kevin is...well, I think he's a little crazy, but it's all part of his personality and I love it!! He makes me laugh every day! He likes to wake me up at 3am and walk around on my head and meow in my face quite often. Every morning when my alarm goes off, he gives me a good morning meow and sits next to my bed. He is a little rolly poly purr machine.

I can't imagine my life without them in it!"

Thank you Nora for the update! We love it when adopters not only adopt black cats but a duo as well! <3 #foreverhome
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