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Please give a warm welcome to this in need momma and pups to the family. Found as strays in OKC they had no hope. Sick and severely underweight we were contacted last week about them. With no available fosters or room we could not help them. Fast forward to earlier this week they were set to be euthanized. We are thankful to our team of volunteers who offered to help care for them as they recovered.

They arrived on Friday and we were sadden to see their condition. The litter has been called the Magnificent 7 and after a visit to the vet were are treating them for mange, severe skin infections and overall starvation. 🙁

Welcome to a new life little ones. We will make you whole again! #savinglives
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Please welcome Falkor to the family! Found as a stray last Saturday, the finder was able to locate the owner. They asked him if he wanted Falkor and he was unable to take in. He contacted us for help and we said to bring him in. Falkor was suffering from a severe flea allergy, sadly underweight, horrible ear infection and we discovered once the owner called he is double inbred. 🙁

As you can see though he has gained weight, his hair is growing back and instead of shy and reserved he is outgoing and playful. He will need further medical care and because he is inbred he has some underlying vision issues as well. He will leave us to a special needs rescue next week.

Your donations allow us to help local animals like Falkor. We love you buddy and know that we have given you a new start on a new life. 😀 #savinglives
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Adoption from yesterday! Thank you Henderson family for adopting our adorable schnauzer mix puppy Billy. His brother went home last week and the first adopter in line chose not to adopt because it wasn't a good fit for them, so we feel it was meant to be for the Hendersons. 😀 We are happy for our little man and wish him all the best! #goinghome ... See MoreSee Less

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