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On to happier news. :) Thank you to our rescue partner Town and County Rescue for taking in Blanca, pitbull mix found abandoned at a church, and King Triton, Heeler/Shihtzu mix into their adoption program. They will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning to Nebraska. We have been working with Town and Country for the past few months. Nyx, American Bulldog, has already found a loving home and we are confident the rest of our crew will find loving homes as well. Have wonderful lives Blanca and King Triton, we wish you well in your travels. :D #almosthome ... See MoreSee Less

It has taken some time to be able to give this update because it was devastating news to hear. My sweet little hydrocephalus chihuahua puppy, Baby Girl, died on Wednesday in NM at her new rescue. She left us Sunday. :'(

Found as a 3-4 week old baby abandoned at a gas station, she was knocking on death's door. The person who originally found her posted online to see if anyone wanted her and by some miracle I was able to get her. She was not projected to survive the following 24 hours but she did. I fostered her and cared for her around the clock for the last month. She blossomed and grew quickly, at only 8ish oz when rescued she grew to 1 pound 10 oz.

She spent time in my home learning what cats and kittens were, what a 35 pound corgi can do when he doesn't realize something so small is a dog (LOL), she learned to walk and then run like the wind with only 3 legs since she had a deformity to her left front leg. :) I found the perfect toy for her, a small weasel, that she would "attack" each time she got. Fuzzy kitten balls were also her favorite and she loved people. :)

She went camping with me because who else would take their foster camping? :) Her around the clock care was provide my other half and myself. Regardless of the day or night she had to be fed and checked on every 2-3 hours until recently she was able to sleep through the night for about 4-6 hours.

My Baby Girl brought joy and happiness to all came in contact with her. I will be honest and say that it has taken me two days to fully comprehend that she is gone. As a rescuer, as a foster, as a person you can not avoid falling in love. We do it every day here but when that foster beat the odds for so long no one could have imagined that the end would so swift. :'(

My heart is broken for her passing. :( Like many fosters I have let go, my heart aches when they leave but eventually I get those happy "they are doing well in their new home" messages and my heart mends and I move onto loving another. This time though that message will never come and my heart just plain hurts.

This post is more of a personal one because there really isn't any other way to describe my Baby Girl, describe her short life and how much she means to those that knew her. I have no regrets saving her, no regrets spending endless nights worrying about her, no regrets loving her with all my heart. I will forever love and remember you Baby Girl! May we meet again some day. :'( #forevergone

(This is her napping with one of her favorite toys while we were staying cool when we were out camping.)
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We will break in our other sad announcement to share a happy adoption that just happened. :D Thank you to Ms. Alexander for adopting our sweet boy Bacon. Rescued May 19th for one of our rescue partners, Bacon was too shy to leave us. So as all the animals we take in we give them time. Time to adjust, time acclimate and time to absorb what being really cared for is all about.

Bacon this past week had become our greeter dog. He would spent time in the lobby and say Hi to our visitors. He would charm his way in with his low key personality and his kisses. :)

Ms. Alexander had come into look at 2 other dogs yesterday and returned right when we opened to check back on one of the dogs but asked us about Bacon. Well I guess love at first sight does happen and a return from Ms. Alexander a couple hours later our man was going home.

Have a wonderful and long life Bacon. We were happy to have saved you and happy to have helped you find a loving home! <3
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