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Thank you to the good Samaritan for finally catching the matted shihtzu that has been a stray for some time now. This little guy is currently at Pretty Coat Junction getting groomed. Thank you Jodi for getting us in! Poor guy was only able to be caught because his hair completed covered up his eyes and he could no longer see. If this is your pet, please reach out to us. Proof of ownership is required. (580-767-8877) ... See MoreSee Less

Blankets NEEDED!! We are hard at work giving our long term dogs chances at happy homes. :) With 10 of our long-term medium/large breed dogs getting ready to take a flight of their lives to Washington State to 6 new Rescue Partners, we are in desperate need of blankets to put in their crates on the plane. We depart Ponca City at 3 am on Saturday to catch the flight in OKC. Do you have gently used blankets that can keep our dogs warm and comfortable on their flight? They will be traveling over 8 hours and 2,000 miles to reach their destination.

We are beyond ecstatic for this partnership and journey our dogs will be taking. We will say goodbye to Pria, Scooter, Maddox, Jango, Flower, Acy, Chloe, Finnick, Bobbie, and my man Thunder! :D

Please help us make their flight as comfortable as possible, donate a blanket! :D #flyinghome
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This adoption happened on Saturday! :) Thank you to Cody & Tana Gragg from Enid for adopting our Husky/Pom mix Kai. Rescued from Animal Control July 7th, sadly our man had heartworms, fast forward to months of treatment Kai is almost heartworm free! Thankfully being under treatment didn't stop the Gragg family for wanting to adopt our man! They will return in a month to see if Kai has finally gotten rid of the heartworms. We can't wait to see you again Kai, your foster mom Cindy will miss you! #adoptashelterdog #goodbyeheartworms ... See MoreSee Less


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