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And we are throwing this one back to last week since we some how missed posting these two cute rescues from Animal Control. πŸ˜€ These guys are already with their rescue and looking for loving homes with them. ☺️ #savinglives ... See MoreSee Less

Our heart's broke for this sad guy. Found as a stray, his owner did not come for him. πŸ™ He ran out of time 2 days ago and honestly we didn't think he would make it out.

Sometimes the amount of animals entering Animal Control is just too much. With our own animals at our facility plus having to network each dog at Animal Control and find placement, we just run out of time. πŸ™

The shy ones just don't show well and those are the last to be tagged. (Tag means when a rescue confirms they can take an animal and "tags" that pet on a post.)

We pulled this shy man today after one of our rescue partners scrambled to make room. We are grateful for their partnership and can't thank them enough! πŸ™‚ #savinglives
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As we mentioned we have been busy the last 3 days so here goes more updates. πŸ™‚

Found as a stray this old man sadly was not claimed. We are not sure why his owner did not come for him but we are thankful to our rescue partner for helping us save him.

Welcome to a new life buddy! We are happy you will live our your life in a loving home. ❀️ #savinglives
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