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This is a work in progress album but will be completed tonight (10/24)

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Adoption! :) This adorable cutie named Golf, now Popcorn, was rescued with 21 other Shih Tzus from a hoarding situation at the beginning of September. He had an eye injury that sadly was not addressed so ulcerated and ultimately caused almost complete blindness. He is able to see shadows from that eye but don't feel sorry for our little man, it hasn't stopped him from bouncing all over the place :) His name was changed to Popcorn because he doesn't run, he hops! Much like a bunny :D Well his meet and greets earlier this week went well and today his new momma came to pick him up. Thank you Stephanie for giving our little man a shot at a happy home, after waiting 6 week and being passed by because of his eye issue, Stephanie fell in love and off he goes <3. The picture includes one of his new friends, Opie. Have a wonderful like Golf, we will miss your bunny ways! ... See MoreSee Less

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Adoption!! Thank you to Mr. Duff for adoption our sweet man Scout. Scout was surrendered to back in April and has waiting for a long time to find his forever home. He was too much of a pup the first time he was adopted but second time is the charm I say!. Scout is in our $25 adoption fee program so not only did Mr. Duff get an amazing and friendly dog that loves kids, dogs, and of course people but he also got steal on our lower adoption fee for a fully vetted dog! :D Have a wonderful life Scout, we will miss you! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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