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Adoption!! :D This one is a long time coming. Over a year to find a loving home for such an adorable dog. Finnick wasn't a dog when he came to us back in October 2014. He was only 8 weeks old and part of a large litter that was found abandoned on Ranch Drive. As each month past by Finnick's siblings found loving homes until only Finnick and his brother Peeta were left waiting. Finnick's calm demeanor and sweet behavior won over many but sadly no one wanted to adopt him. :( Finnick, you see, is a black lab mix. Some would say he is average looking, some would say he isn't unique but we know different. Finnick is a beautiful dog that just needed someone to truly see him. :) How he came to find a home we believe was fate.

Earlier this week, Sierra and her friend Christina arrive at our facility a little bit before we closed. They had put in an application for Peeta and had driven from KS to meet him and do a dog to dog introductions with their two dogs. They didn't realize that we do adoptions by appointment so even though they got to meet Peeta as well as Finnick and Bobbie (they all share a play yard) we had to reschedule a time for them to return. We had an adopter lined up to look at both Peeta and Finnick and yesterday contacted Sierra to tell her that Peeta was to be adopted by that adopter.

They understood that Peeta wasn't available but Sierra and Christina had liked Finnick too so decided they would return to meet him today before sunset. When we contacted them to let them know that Peeta sadly was not to be adopted today, they chose to meet them both again. After all was said and done Finnick won their hearts. :D

Finnick wasn't their reason to come to our shelter, he wasn't their first choice but sometimes it takes a second look to realize that the dog that you have been waiting for, wanting, searching for, is right there in front of you. :) Always take a second look because underneath what some call a not unique dog is the dog friendly, cat friendly, people friendly pet that you have been searching for.

We never gave up on Finnick. We knew that his day would come and we couldn't be happier for our puppy. We would like to thank Kenneth and Janet Ray for sponsoring Finnick's adoption fee. Thank you for helping us get Finnick into a loving home. Have a long happy life buddy, we know you are scared right now but Sierra and Christina will take good care of you! #nevergiveup #lookpastthesuperficial #adoptashelterdog
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Many may have heard us on the radio this morning talking about our Mega Adoption Event happening December 12th at 7 Clans First Council Casino. We are still working out the details but we will be doing a "Clear the Shelter" Adoptathon. We are hoping to adopt out 40, yes 40 animals in one day! We will have 20 cats/kittens and 20 dogs/puppies at our event. Anyone that is employed by 7 Clans will have their adoption fee paid by them and anyone else will get $50 in free play! :D We will have discounted adoption fees as well.

We are on the search for volunteers, we will have multiple stations and can set up volunteers to do shift. Contact us by calling 580-767-8877 or emailing us at if you would like to help out!

Help us clear our shelter before Christmas! :D Stay tune for more information. #homefortheholidays
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Love updates :) Another one from Freckles, shihtzu, that was adopted and returned a year later because he couldn't be housebroken.


This is an update on Charlie (Freckles) from Ardmore, OK. Charlie has been in our home now for a month. He has had a few accidents in the house but nothing for us to be concerned about. He is such an easy dog. It seems like he has been in the house for ever. He loves to go on walks and is great with a leash. He has quite the personality. He loves attention and loves to play. He does awesome with baths and I think that he will be easy to groom when the time comes. He is very social and likes outdoors and has found a friend in the neighbor’s donkey. He seems to have transitioned to country life very well. I would have never thought we would bond so well with another dog after we lost our Oscar but Charlie fits in very well. Charlie snuggles with our other dog Holly and they seem to be bonded too. He has some separation anxiety but we feel like that will reduce with time. I can’t imagine having a better dog. He has definitely found a place in our hearts.

The second picture is of Charlie where he has found a place to sleep on our bed. He has a sock monkey that he carries around. It has a squeaker in it. He loves playing with his toys.

Debbie and Chris Henzel

Thank you again Debbie & Chris for adopting Freckles, we couldn't have asked for a better home :D
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