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Please welcome Dobbey, 11 month old Doberman pup, to the PCHuS family!! Rescued from Animal Control last Thursday. He was surrendered to them by his previous owner for medical reasons, seizures, and possible aggression. Thankfully this sweet guy has had no seizures and has shown no aggression at any of his evaluations. We are not hear to judge the owner for surrendering him but we would like if you are reading this if you could please contact us in regards to his medical history. Dobey will be up for adoption in a week after a thorough medical work up. We take in many animals with medical needs without hesitation. Regardless of what may come ahead for Dobey, we will give him that happy ever after! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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It takes a village to save animals and we are beyond grateful for everyone who helps us save more lives. Without the help of other caring people we would not have been able to save 4 dogs/pups and a momma manx cat and her babies today from Animal Control. Thank you Secondhand Hounds for answering our call for help when we knew that the 3 pit bull pups were on borrowed time, their lives could have ended today but now they have a chance at having happy endings! Thank you All Ears Basset Rescue NM for helping us with the corgi/basset pup :) And last but not least thank you to Rhea, one of our fosters, for always helping with the kittens! Happy Day! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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Update time! :) We have an adoption, new rescues, and another update from an adopter! Let's get started. First up is our adoption today. Thank you to Rosemary for adopting our sweet boy Gus, Boston Terrier. Gus came to us a stray a month ago, he had been running around Burbank for 3 months before he finally trusted the wonderful people who had been leaving food out for him. They finally were able to catch him and brought him to us. We learned a lot about Gus and placement for him was going to be tough. He is fearful of new things, noises startle him, and unfortunately he is very scared around children. We never did find his previous owners :(. We had potential adopters but they just didn't work out for Gus but his foster momma Rosemary decided that Gus was already home and officially adopted him today! :D So today Gus' said goodbye to being a shelter dog and HELLO! to being part of an amazing family he can call his own. Thank you Rosemary for fostering our shy man! From the pictures I would get he knew he was already home! (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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