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And we will wrap up our adoptions with our man River! Dumped with trash on Riverview Road a little very two weeks ago, the outpouring of support for him showed that even with that cruel act there are still many loving people out there.

Thankfully our handsome man remained healthy and as you can tell fatted up while with us. :) Thank you Tammy for adopting our man. With so much interest in him it was difficult to narrow down to just one great family.

River is going to live the dream life in Alaska! He leaves next week to a whole new life and a lifetime of adventure. 😁 #goinghome
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The last but not least of our Border Collie mix puppies, Esmae, found a loving home today. 😁 Thank you Terry family for giving our girl a wonderful home. Esmae will have a gang of girls to play with and a very excitable new doggie friend named Bentley! Have a great life little one, we will miss you! #goinghome ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Hackler family for adopting our beyond beautiful girl Mandy, lab mix. Our girl was very popular and knew she would find the perfect home quickly. 😁 This sweetie is going to be spoiled for sure. Have a loving and long life on Arkansas sweetheart! ❤️ #goinghome ... See MoreSee Less

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