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Hi PCHS; this is Oliver (you know him as Hank). Enjoying squirrel watching with his 3 big brothers! What a love bug he his; so happy you we were selected as his parents! Thank you!

Parvo..that word brings chills to anyone that knows how devastating this disease can be. How it can kill puppies within days of symptoms surfacing and how easily it can be carried around. All of our puppies we rescued last week broke with parvo within 24-36 hours after we took them in :( This marks our 14th case in less than 30 days. Our litter of corgi/rat terrier babies broke with parvo in their foster home, we believe the virus was carried on the foster's shoes from a ball practice. Our pitbull babies were handled by an exposed person at our facility without our knowledge. We lost one pup and the remaining babies are at a quarantine facility to wait their 30 day quarantine. Helena, heeler pup from AC Wednesday evening, most likely contracted parvo roaming as a stray. Exposure to symptoms showing is 7-14 days. We did get word this morning she has survived and we will be picking her back up today! :) Our heeler/shihtzu pups have not fared as well. Owner surrendered, these babies had no vaccines and at 4 months of age they should have been protected if properly vaccinated. We lost Attina, our tiny heeler mix, on Sunday. We knew you less than a day sweetheart. You were so unique looking Attina, like a mini heeler with so much spunk. We wish we could have know you earlier in your life but the short time we did we loved you like we had known you forever. Run free little mommas! King Triton, largest male, is doing well and we expect to pick him up tomorrow. Urusula and Sebastian are doing okay but are not out of the woods. We are sending healing vibes your way! They still run the risk of not making it. :(

Every day we face hard decisions, difficult risks, and uncertainties. We take in animals knowing that within their 2 week quarantines they may break with a disease they maybe harboring. Do we shy away from saving strays from Animal Control? No. Do we only take in fully vaccinated animals or those that give us no question on health status? No. We take in animals without question, without judgment towards their previous owners, without hesitation. They need us and we are here for them. These puppies may not have had a chance of survival without us, we gave them that chance. If there is anything anyone can take from our news it is to vaccinate your pets. Puppies need multiple boosters! Please reach out to our amazing local vets for lifesaving information. Please don't let the lives lost be in vain.

With so many parvo cases our funds are now depleted. We will begin a fundraiser after the total bills are collected for this last group. Please consider donating. Thank you all for the support and for following us on our journey to save more lives in 2015! -Patricia
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Many have asked for an update on Gizmo, our senior yorkie who has heartworms. Last week he spent two days at the vet getting a workup to see what route of treatment we will be taking. Those two days were rough for our little man. He didn't want to eat very well, he was physically exhausted and we feared that the stress of trying to help him may have been too much :(. I decided to take him home last Saturday to monitor him and make sure he recovered. Well as you can tell he is good as new! I have learned that he is good with cats and dogs, that he is partly housebroken, that he sits for chicken, that he will use the litter box if I don't take him out on time, that he loves to give kisses, and that if allowed he will welcome himself into anyone's home (my neighbors have already met him :) ). We are waiting on his medication to arrive so we can start his treatment which will be a slow kill. A wonderful foster will take him next week. This will be a year long road for him so we will periodically post updates as we go :) Thank you all for caring for Gizmo, from a stray to being loved, how it should be! ... See MoreSee Less


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