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Not an adoption yet but a promising start to hopefully a happy home for our girl Ruby. Ruby was rescued as a dumped puppy off Highway 60 back on July 30th of last year. Initially adopted August 14th she came back to us November 13th, almost hairless. She had Demodex mange :( We began treatment and over the course of the 4 months Ruby has seen the vet multiple times. She finally grew all her hair back and stopped looking like a leopard :) Sadly about a week ago we began to see signs of what we initially assumed was allergies, to our sadness Ruby's demodex has come back. This means that this could a lifelong issue for our girl. But sometimes it takes a chance meeting, a good heart, and a little luck on someone's side to make miracles happen. The Johnson family came in last week wanting to meet a couple of our animals and fell for Ruby, we discussed Ruby's follow up appointment and stated we think allergies but we will get her skin scraped again just in case. We discussed fostering her until she go better as an option depending on what we found out. Today the Johnson's came in to see when they could adopt Ruby and we discussed that she could not be adopted at this time but fostering was still available if they chose that option, or even if with this prognosis if they even wanted to proceed forward. Well they didn't hesitate one bit and off Ruby went to hopefully her forever home. Even if she doesn't get adopted, she will spend some much needed time in an actual home which is a win :D Thank you Garner & Judy Johnson for giving our girl a shot at a possible happy ending! ... See MoreSee Less

Our senior kitty, Mitchell, has escaped out of his adopter's home. He lives at 713 Dalewood. Please contact Mr. Weingart at 716-6188 if found. He went missing this morning. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less


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