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Continuing on with our Shihtzu day, we are posting Jasper again. :D We have had zero applications for our man. :( But we know there is a home out there for him. Jasper is 4 years old, 18 pounds and solid like a rock! Jasper is partly housebroken, does well with older children, walks wonderful on a leash and who can resist that face!! :D Jasper is one of our favorites and we love to share his happy ending!

Reach out to us if you would like more information and please share. Thank you! #secondchances #adoptme
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And last but not least Fifi & Sophie!! :D Rescued from OK Animal Welfare last week our girls are doing great! They love each other, love the other 3 shihtzus they are living with and won't pass up a treat. Both girls are a little over 10 pounds but built solid! They are working on not being so shy on a leash.

We would love for them to be adopted together since they love each other. At only 3 years of age they have a long life ahead of them. Spread the word and let us make their dreams come true! #shihtzulove #ourgirls #newstarts
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Shihtzu #3: We have exhausted all measures to find Romeo's home. This adorable 8 year old, 13 pound handsome man was found as a stray but no one has claimed him. Even with a microchip the previous owner did not remember who she gave Romeo to. :( But we love him and he is wonderful and we will now make sure he finds that forever home. :)

Romeo is housebroken, great with other dogs, children, cats , you name it he loves them. LOL Romes has many years ahead of him and even though he looks like he has had a rough year, little by little we are getting his allergies under control and his coat is looking great! Spread the word FB friends, let us make sure Romeo gets that home he deserves! #secondchances #newstart
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