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Now for the girls!!!

These girls are the other half of the mastiff/terrier mix puppies. They are 10 weeks old and we expect them to be around 70 pounds once they are fully grown. They were surrendered to Animal Control, along with their brothers and their mother. After their stray hold was up we of course brought them into our program with mama as well.

These girls are sweet, friendly, playful, and adorable. They will make wonderful additions to any home and they can't wait to soak up all the love that they can get!

Click on each pup's picture for their name and a short description, and if one of these girls is the new puppy that you need in your file then follow the link below to apply!

Adoption Fee $150
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Our mastiff/terrier mix puppies are ready to go to their forever homes!
These puppies, along with their sweet mama, were surrendered to Animal Control at the end of April. The puppies were little but able to be away from their mother, as we needed to take Mama to the veterinarian. We brought the puppies back to the Humane Society, where we gave them lots of good food and love.

Now they are happy, healthy puppies that love to run and play and cuddle! They are now 10 weeks old and we expect them to be around 70 pounds once they are full grown.

These first 4 pups are the boys, click on their picture for more specific details about each pup. And click on the link below if you would like to apply to adopt on of these cuties.

Adoption Fee $150
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Animal Control Rescue! :) Please welcome Kavik to the family! This young man was found as a stray and sadly not claimed. He ran out of time yesterday. Well we know a great home is out there for him so do watch out for an update. We will be taking applications soon! 😁 #savinglives ... See MoreSee Less

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