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And last but not least our 15 month old Dane, Thor, has finally found his loving home. Thor was surrendered to us over 6 weeks ago, after some brief medical issues that required additional consultations about his hips (he is healthy and sturdy as a horse, thankfully) and some hit and misses on meet and greets, his wait is over. Thank you to the Rohrs family for adopting our sweet giant :) Thor will live with two teenage boys and get to love on babies that Mrs. Rohrs babysits. The plus is Thor loves, LOVES, babies! Have a wonderful life my big man, we will miss you!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Second adoption has a double message, one of adopting a senior pet and another of adopt a puppy mill pup from a shelter and this by a young man :) First and foremost thank you to Mrs. Shook for coming in a couple weeks ago to see who we had for adoption, second for bringing your son, Carson. See Carson was looking for a pet to call his own. He liked the dachshunds and picked Azalea out of the group. Azalea was rescued 6 weeks ago with 103 other dachshunds (only 16 came to us). The past 8 years she was a breeder, sad life to live, but she never lost her love of people and was by far the most socialized of the group. After a quick dental earlier this week to remove years of neglect, Azalea passed her final physical and adoptable she became. Today she starts a brand new life! Senior animals get passed up many times but not today because a young man looked past age and more into how amazing a dog like Azalea is and decided to make her his new best friend. Thank you Carson! And thank you Shook family for giving Azalea her happy ending! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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We are on a roll!! Three adoptions today, all with amazing stories :) First up is Alice, deaf 10 month old dachshund rescued from a puppy mill 6 weeks ago. How far will you travel to adopt this sweetheart? To Miranda she would travel hundreds of miles, all the way from Colorado, to take this baby home! Miranda and her mom are doing a one day round trip today and are on their way back home now. Miranda reached out to us about Alice over a week ago and we got the ball rolling for her :) She was so excited to meet Alice and they both hit it off wonderfully. Thank you Miranda for falling in love with Alice online and for making the trip down to adopt her. From being in a filthy puppy mill only 6 weeks ago to finding a loving home with an adopter who is willing to put in miles, Alice's future has never looked better. Have an amazing life in CO! Thank you again Miranda!! ... See MoreSee Less

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